Almost famous

Published March 22, 2018

The Dallas Morning News

   About this project

This project was the result of 8 months following an internet viral star in search of country music stardom. Though I joined the project in the last month, I was responsible for taking all of the visuals and multimedia pieces that had been captured and turning them into part of a coherent presentation. I worked closely with the writer and photographer/videographer to make this happen. I was heavily involved in the photo and video editing process, even helping storyboard and produce some of the videos.

I helped conceive of the project's social strategy with the audience engagement team and writer. This ultimately included an in-studio Facebook Live which I helped run, a Twitter thread and several social videos, one of which I helped produce.

   My role

Project management

UI/UX design

Front-end development

Multimedia production

Audience engagement strategy


Texas Associated Press Managing Editors
Michael Brick Storytelling Award, 2018