How to LA
Your Handbook for Day-to-Day Living in Los Angeles

Published July 22, 2019


   About this project

How to LA started as a brainstorming list from the LAist team of things all newcomers to Los Angeles should know, a helpful “how-to” guide for integrating into life as an Angeleno. One producer in particular really wanted to run with the idea to create a digital hub of information that was visually appealing and easy to navigate. We partnered to make her vision a reality.

Over the course of a month or so, she managed several producers who were creating new content specifically for the launch of How to LA, including a guide to L.A.'s urban wildlife, a pronunciation guide called “How to Speak LA”, how to get started biking around such a car-centric city and a parking “bible” of helpful tips.

Simultaneously, we curated sections — EAT, LIVE, PLAY, WORK and UNDERSTAND — with applicable content from the LAist archives. For the EAT section, I created an interactive searchable map by neighborhood of all of the late-night eats and sweet treats featured in two of our most popular LAist food stories.

I worked with a local illustrator to produce compelling visuals for the project. He created stunning thematic illustrations as main art for each section and the stories intended for publication at launch. The art was so popular, and we received so many requests to purchase it, our development team had it printed into posters and postcards to sell at our annual open house event and for future promotions.

   My role

UI/UX design

Front-end development

Audio editing

Art direction