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designer. developer. data journalist.
Who am I?

I’m an interactive editor for The Dallas Morning News, contributing to the newspaper’s digital storytelling and data visualization efforts. Previously, I worked as a web developer for Pew Research Center’s digital team. I’ve also worked as an interactive designer on The Baltimore Sun’s data desk designing engaging presentations for the Web and graphics for print. Before transitioning to a love of all things jQuery, I worked as a political reporting intern for Hearst News Service’s Washington bureau and an intrepid freelancer.

Check out some of my work below or drop me a line with any questions or comments.

What I‘m about
I aim for a clean aesthetic when it comes to creating a User interface. I want the reader to be enthralled with the story, not caught up in the frills and fluff of extraneous design elements which don’t augment or complement the storytelling.
An engaging User experience is tantamount for me as a designer and developer. I don’t want to just attract readers to a story online; I want to engage users in a immersive storytelling experience that enhances their understanding with visuals and audio to make an emotional connection.
Data reporting and visualization are areas in which I believe I excel. Not only can I find and organize data but also visualize patterns and trends as a story. Consequently, I’m able to work as a designer and developer but also a content producer.

Icons via Noun Project (Attilio Baghino, Aneeque Ahmed, mikicon)
Things I’ve made
How I do it